December 14, 2018


Indonesia to consume 7-9.5 MT of feed in 2019, association says


Corn consumption by Indonesian feed producers is expected to be between 7-9.5 million tonnes in 2019, depending on prices, chairman of Indonesian Feedmills Association Desianto Budi Utomo told Reuters on Thursday.


That is compared with 6 million tonnes estimated corn consumption this year, according to Utomo.


"If corn production and prices are normal, we will need around 9.5 million tonnes. If prices remain high, we may only consume 7 million tonnes," Utomo added.


Indonesian feed producers typically use 50-55% of corn in premixes.


Utomo said feed mills consider "normal prices" for corn to be at about 3,700 rupiah-3,800 rupiah (US$0.2555-0.2624) per kilogram. Local corn prices have risen to an average of about 6,000 rupiah in the fourth quarter this year, from about 5,000 rupiah at the start of the year.