December 14, 2015


Alltech expands production plant for Oceania dairy and beef




Due to increasing demand, Alltech has expanded its production facility in Forbes, New South Wales, producing Optigen II for the ruminant market in Oceania for the first time.

The new facility will satisfy growing demand from the dairy, beef and sheep markets for Optigen II, a slow-release, non-protein nitrogen source. Originally developed by Cornell University, Optigen II has been used worldwide for more than 10 years, supported by in vitro, in situ and in vivo research.

"Farmers are facing extreme challenges in Australia and New Zealand," said Rob McFarlane, general manager, Alltech Oceania ruminant team. "Extreme seasons, a unique mixture of management systems and global market milk challenges make it hard to produce consistent, profitable milk or beef."

"Optigen II provides a sustained-release of nitrogen, which is extremely important for Australia and New Zealand systems, where cows face changes in pasture quality as well as long feed-intake gaps," added Dr. Susanne Roth, ruminant sales and marketing manager, Alltech Oceania. "Optigen II gives dairy and beef cattle farms, feed mills and consultants more freedom to maintain production over challenging periods and achieve higher profitability."

"Optigen II can be used over the top of existing diets to increase overall protein content, which is particularly relevant if there is a shortage of protein due to poor quality pasture," explained Roth. "Optigen II can be used to reformulate diets, increasing soluble nitrogen in the diet, which means improved digestibility and more microbial protein, thus improved production of milk or meat."

"The Alltech On-farm support team provides technical support, working with farmers to identify challenges on farm and improve productivity in cows and beef cattle," said McFarlane. "We are proud to expand the existing Lienert facility in Forbes, helping us continue to meet the needs of our customers."

Alltech purchased Linert Australia Pty. Ltd. in September last year: /contents/09-25-2014/5618995d-9878-4dee-b1ef-96df9a7545e9-a181.html