December 14, 2009


Japan's seafood processors use previously discarded fish



Japan's seafood processors Maruha Nichiro Holdings Inc. and Marubeni Corp. are making new offerings that incorporate fish that were previously discarded.


Maruha Nichiro will process small fish caught by a group firm in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, off the coast of the Japan Sea into fish sausages, fish balls and fried fish cakes and begin selling them this fiscal year.


Maruha Nichiro aims to produce more than 500 tonnes of fish cake products a year with an annual of 300 tonnes of undersized fish caught together with sea bream and various mackerel types. Prices will be similar to those for current offerings.


Marubeni Corp. since spring has been developing products using arrowtooth halibut caught in Alaskan waters, while major seafood purveyor Kyokuyo Co. has been producing nonstandard white fish into fries and other products for sale to food operators.