December 13, 2022


China's wheat, corn, and soybean output in 2022 higher compared to last year



Data from China's National Bureau of Statistics showed the country's production of wheat, corn, and soybeans were higher compared to last year, Nasdaq reported.


China's wheat production increased 0.6% compared to last year at 137.72 million tonnes.


The country's corn production rose 1.7% to 277.2 million tonnes. Soybean production increased 23.7% to 20.3 million tonnes.


According to the National Bureau of Statistics, corn acreage decreased by 0.6% last year.


Soybean plantings increased by 21.7% as a result of a government policy encouraging increased soybean production.


Brazilian corn shipments to China are expected to soar this month. This month, nine ships carrying 606,540 tonnes of Brazilian corn are scheduled to sail to China. That compares with two shipments totaling 93,250 tonnes in November.


-      Nasdaq

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