December 13, 2013


Fisheries officials detect formaldehyde in North Jakarta's fish


Around 5% of fish sold at markets in North Jakarta is contaminated by formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, as consumers were warned by the Jakarta fisheries officials.


"We have recorded the data and are investigating how the markets got the fish," North Jakarta Fishery and Maritime agency chief Muhammad Mikron said. "We have asked the sellers to sign an agreement that they would not sell formaldehyde-tainted fish."


Mikron said a random check by officials last month found 17 fish sellers with formaldehyde-tainted fish at Tugu, Koja Baru, Lontar, Sukapura, West Pademangan and Mandiri markets.


He added that formaldehyde was found in both salt-water and freshwater fish, but that squid were the worst affected.


The fish traders had been given a warning, but that the agency would report any second-time offenders to the police. The agency was not able to confirm how much formaldehyde was found in the fish.

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