December 13, 2007

Brazil's food company Sadia eyes new international project


Brazilian food company Sadia (SDA) said it will open a new international meatpacking facility in 2009, said Sadia CEO Gilberto Tomazoni.

Sadia didn't give the location of the new facility.

Sadia earlier this year opened a meat packing facility in Russia and has another one opening in the United Arab Emirates next year.

The company chairman Walter Fontana said that Sadia considers the possibility of U.S. food company Tyson Foods (TSN) entering the Brazilian market as a good thing.

"We view any international player coming to Brazil as a positive development as it will value the sector's assets," he said, referring to stocks and other properties.

Tomazoni said that, "If Tyson comes to Brazil they would help to open new markets for Brazilian meat products overseas."

Roughly 50% of Sadia's food production is exported. The company is one of Brazil's largest meat companies.

Brazil is the world's leading chicken exporter.