December 13, 2004



Shrimp Exports Rise in Iran


Iran exported some 9,338 tons of seafood products including caviar, varieties of shrimps and fish worth 42,785,000 dollars during the past eight months of this year (starting March 20, 2004). The figures however show a 16 percent decline in terms of weight compared with the same period in the past year.


Some 5,466 tons of shrimp worth over 21 million dollars were exported during the period. The figure is up by 29 percent in weight and five percent in value compared with last year, Iranian Students¡¯ News Agency (ISNA) reported on Saturday.


During the same period, 228 tons of caviar worth 13,610,000 dollars were exported, the figures are indicative of a 35 percent decrease in terms of weight and 36 percent decline in value compared with the previous year.


3,849 tons of fresh, frozen and smoked tuna fish worth 7,421,000 dollars were also exported in the past eight months. The figures represent a 44 and 17 percent decrease in the weight and value respectively.

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