December 11, 2019


Australia runs African swine fever outbreak simulation


The simulation was conducted by biosecurity officials, government departments, vets and animal disease experts across Australia to test the country's response plan in the event of an African swine fever (ASF) outbreak, reported ABC Australia.


The scenario was known as 'Exercise Razorback', and involved a mock ASF outbreak discovery on a Victoria commercial swine farm.


Sarah Corcoran, Northern Territory's executive director of biosecurity and animal welfare said the simulation tested the country's actions in the first 24 hours after a positive ASF detection.


She said it was a way for all related departments to examine the possible scenario and the flow on effects of a positive ASF discovery to other parts of Australia.


Some of the proposed measures include enforcing a movement restriction to halt the spread of ASF and examining the market access challenges that may come up and the possibility of livestock movement.


Also as part of 'Exercise Razorback', related parties examined agreements with international export markets including what are the product requirements and ensuring the products are free from ASF.


Corcoran added that related departments considered a product recall for pork and whether if it is necessary.


The 'Exercise Razorback' simulation was conducted on December 6, 2019 and December 9, 2019.


South Australia conducted a similar simulation in May. 'Exercise Rapid Strike' also examined the state's response to an ASF outbreak.


-      ABC Australia