December 10, 2012


Russia's Siberian District experiences significant feed shortages



Among all Russia's Federal Districts, the Siberian Federal District of Russia has the lowest level of self-sufficiency in feed production.


This is according to statistics presented by Vladimir Manaenkov , head of the department of feed industry under the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, at the Agricultural Forum "World Arena: New participants and rules of the agricultural market."


Department experts estimate that the level of self-sufficiency in feed production on all farms types and agricultural enterprises in Siberian Federal District currently stand at 77%. Specialists pointed out that the 23% deficit could lead to a sharp increase in prices together with other negative consequences for the Siberia's livestock industry.


In other federal districts (Central Federal District, North western Federal District, Southern Federal District, North Caucasus Federal District, Defense and others), this figure ranges between 90-99% (in all farm categories). At the same time, the agricultural enterprises of South, Urals and North Caucasus Federal District have even reported a surplus in feed production. The level of self-sufficiency here stands at the level of 101%, 105% and 115%, respectively.


The Far East, Volga and Central federal districts has the level of self-sufficiency in feed of about 82%, 96% and 99% respectively.


"We see that in the Siberian Federal District currently has the most difficult situation. However, work is going on - in order to do something about these issues." - reports Manaenkov.

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