December 10, 2008


Ireland's poultry sector expects rising demand

The recent dioxin-tainted pork scandal has given hope to the Irish poultry industry that chicken demand will increase.


Irish poultry processors are already preparing to meet an expected rise in demand.


Chicken sales would certainly increase on the back of the tainted pork crisis and turkey producers will regain the most benefits, according to Vincent Carton from pullet supplier, Manor Farm Poultry.


Pork and chicken meat are the most popular meats in Ireland, with an average annual consumption of 34kg per person for each meat.


During the bird flu crisis, pork sales increased while poultry sales declined.


Supermarket orders for chicken increased slightly on Monday (Dec 8, 2008), but Carton is expecting larger orders later this week.


Meanwhile, the Irish pork-processing sector is in danger of shutting down as processors refuse to restart slaughtering until the government provides an aid package. Up to 13,000 pigs are slaughtered each day but they are now held back by pig producers. Some processors have also informed farmers that they will be unable to pay for pigs already, as the recall has rendered the animals worthless.

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