December 10, 2003



Japan's Meat Consumption Higher in October


Consumption of meat in Japan pushed higher during October, with increased consumption of beef, pork and chicken compared with September.  In October alone, 80,038 tons of beef, 155,975 tons of pork and 150,534 tons of chicken were consumed. 


Beef consumption in Japan is improving. However the tight supply of both Japanese and imported beef, coupled with an increased tariff on chilled beef are stifling this recovery.  Comparatively lower purchase prices for pork and chicken also make them a more attractive alternative in Japan, with the pork prices almost half that of beef, and chicken almost a third of the price beef.


Consumption of beef increased 5% on September, however fell 2% compared with October 2002, and was down 8% compared with October 2000 (pre-BSE). 


Pork continued to increase in popularity, with pork consumption increasing 17% on September, 5% on October 2002 and 17% compared with October 2000. 


Consumption of chicken was less popular, with consumption increasing 3% on September, however falling 4% compared with both October 2002 and October 2000.


Consumption of imported beef increased 4% on September, and 3% compared with October 2002, however remained down 11% compared with October 2000 with 49,097 tons of imported beef consumed.


Consumption of Japanese beef totaled 30,941 tons, an increase of 6% on September, however 8% lower compared with October 2002, and 2% lower compared with October 2000.