December 9, 2020


DSM, North Carolina State University commence research projects




DSM Animal Nutrition and Health and North Carolina State University (NC State) have commenced projects as part of a decade-long animal science research partnership announced this summer. The collaboration kicked off with DSM funding updates to NC State poultry research facilities, new trials, and sponsoring the first graduate student in the poultry science department.

"This fall we've started working more closely with NC State faculty and staff to develop relationships that are beneficial to both NC State and DSM," says Tom Frost, Ph.D., DSM, director of innovation in North America. "Initial investments will allow NC State to conduct trials and research more efficiently and effectively. We've started with the framework for research activities to ensure the highest standards at every step in the process. NC State faculty, together with DSM technical researchers, have created a synergism that will benefit the food animal industry as a whole."

Frost says updates for phase one at the Lake Wheeler research facilities include US$123,000 for new battery cages, US$30,000 for a scoping study in preparation for designing a new industry broiler house for student education and research, which is slated to be built next year, and US$365,000 toward general research farm renovations.

Brittany Wall, from Lexington, North Carolina, received a US$17,500 scholarship from DSM for graduate studies in the poultry science department.

NC State is also conducting DSM research trials for Balancius™ - a eubiotic feed ingredient that breaks down bacterial waste (peptidoglycans) to make more nutrients available for broilers - as well as various feed enzyme research and a calcium and phosphorus feed additive trial.

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