December 9, 2019


Avivagen receives approval for use of OxC-beta™ Livestock in Malaysia



Avivagen Inc. has announced that it has received approval for the use of OxC-beta™ Livestock in Broilers and Swine in Malaysia.


With the addition of Malaysia, OxC-betaTM Livestock is now approved for use in eight markets worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines.

"We are very excited to secure approval for the use of OxC-betaTM Livestock in the fast-growing Malaysian market, where the planned move to antibiotic-free chicken production in 2020 presents us with an immediate opportunity for growth," said Kym Anthony, CEO of Avivagen.

"2019 has seen Avivagen secure key regulatory approvals in new markets and sign new distribution deals for OxC-BetaTM Livestock, laying important groundwork that we are confident sets the stage for positive momentum and sales growth in 2020 and beyond."

With an estimated total annual feed production of 4.8 million tonnes in 2019, the Malaysian market is dominated by feed for poultry broilers and layers.

Avivagen's distribution partner in Malaysia, TLC Veterinary Services, is the principal supplier to farms that supply KFC, the leading fast food chain in Malaysia with over 600 restaurants.

Malaysia has declared its goal of producing antibiotic-free chicken by 2020. The approval of OxC-beta™ for Livestock ideally positions Avivagen to capitalise on an expected increased market for safe and effective antibiotic alternatives that will be needed to meet production demands under this country-wide mandate.

- Business Wire

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