December 8, 2023


US' United Soybean Board elects new chair




US farmer-leaders of the United Soybean Board (USB) in the United States have elected Steve Reinhard as the organisation's 2024 chair along with the election of 10 other farmer-leaders to serve on USB's Executive Committee.


The election was made during a December meeting in St. Charles, Missouri.


"I'm honored and excited to take on the role of USB's new board chair," said Reinhard. "Together with the dedicated team and the support of our farmers, I look forward to continuing our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the soy industry. We'll focus on driving positive change, leveraging research and investments to meet consumer demands and furthering the success of American soybean farmers."


Reinhard previously held positions as treasurer and vice chair, overseeing the value alignment committee responsible for charting the strategic direction of annual checkoff investments.


Additionally, he served as a former chairman of the Ohio Soybean Council.


As USB's chair, Reinhard will explore opportunities to drive demand and environmental resilience, such as new industrial uses, expanding soil health practices and growing export markets for food and feed.


According to USB, he believes market development and determining the value of technology are issues facing the US soybean industry today.


In addition to his experience serving on the board, Reinhard's background in agriculture will be valuable. He brings firsthand knowledge and expertise to the table growing soybeans, corn and hay.


"Steve is a steady leader, and I'm excited to see him lead the United Soybean Board farmer-leaders as we continue our vision to deliver sustainable soy solutions to every life, every day," said Meagan Kaiser, immediate past chair of USB. "This past year, we've collaborated strategically with farmers to enhance the preference for US soy, and Steve brings strategic foresight to this important effort. It's without question that he'll achieve great things in the coming year."


Along with Reinhard serving as the new chair, USB recently announced the addition of a new chief executive officer, Lucas Lentsch.



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