December 8, 2020


Beef processor in New South Wales, Australia, to close facility for eight months



Monbeef, a beef processor based in southern New South Wales, Australia, will close its facility for eight months in early January due to ongoing market pressures.


The plant will suspend operations on January 11. It has been operating for an average of four days each week for the past six or eight months.


Monbeef is a small hot boning export plant processing around 150-180 head per day near Cooma, employing around 100 staff. Most of the kill is made up of dairy and beef cows, as well as bulls. The plant mainly produced frozen manufacturing beef.


The United States is the plant's single largest market, with about 70% of all production exported to the country.


MonBeef was bought in 2019 by Japanese meat trading company S Foods. According to the company's management, challenges posed by fires, floods, high cattle prices and the COVID pandemic have been attributed for the closure decision.


"S Foods made the decision after it became apparent that it was financially unsafe for operations to continue at the plant under the current business environment," a Monbeef statement said.


During the eight months stand-down period, a small number of essential workers will be retained to ensure that there is a successful transition for the reopening of the plant.


- Beef Central