December 8, 2015


Growth of EU's pork production at below 2% more by 2025


EU's pork production, by 2025, will be below 2% higher than the current output of 23.8 million tonnes, according to the most recent outlook from the European Commission (EC).


In addition, recovery from low prices is also expected to be slow.


Prices could stay at the bottom of 2013's high levels despite some uncertainties, AHDB Pork commented, citing the EC report.


"In reality, the market is likely to see periods of both low and high prices during the period," the organisation said.


AHDB Pork also noted that "modest" growth in supplies would overwhelm a restrained EU consumption which may decline slightly, even with a rising population in the bloc. Furthermore, per capita consumption is likely to drop from 32.6kg / head in 2015 to 31.8kg / head by 2025.


In order to stave off expanding volumes, exports will have to increase as well, AHDB Pork suggests. By the end of 2025, it expected shipments to be more than a quarter above the current volume of 2.6 million tonnes.