December 8, 2006


Ban on shrimp exports lifted for three Vietnamese businesses



Three Vietnamese shrimp processors have been allowed to resume exporting products to the EU, the Republic of Korea and China after over a two-month¨Cban, the National Fish Quality Management and Quarantine Department (NAFIQAVED) said.


The bans for the Grobest & Imei Industrial Company, the Gia Rai Import-Export Company and its Ho Phong Seafood Processing Division were lifted Dec 5.


These businesses were banned from exporting shrimp to the above-mentioned markets in September for exceeding the limits of impurities in fresh shrimp used for processing.


The NAFIQAVED also imposed a ban on the Nam Long Seafood Processing and Exportation Company for three months starting Nov. 30, 2006.


Under the decision, the company is banned from providing unprocessed or semi-processed shrimp to export to the EU, South Korea and China.