December 7, 2023


US pork exports highest in two years, beef exports below record totals last year


Recent data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and compiled by the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) revealed a continued surge in US pork exports during May, and while beef exports demonstrated improvement compared to April, they fell short of the record highs observed in 2022, USMEF reported.


In May, pork exports reached 261,361 metric tonnes, marking a significant 16% increase from the previous year and representing the highest volume since May 2021. This is due to increased Mexican imports of pork and robust global demand for variety meats. Pork variety meat exports set a new value record in May, totalling US$127 million.


Mexico remains a pivotal export market for US pork, with May exports to the country registering a notable 21% increase from the previous year. The cumulative value of these exports amounted to US$198.9 million.


Dan Halstrom, president and CEO of USMEF, said that while pork shipments to Mexico are on a remarkable pace, it takes a wide range of markets to achieve double-digit growth.


He said demand is strong throughout the Western Hemisphere, and the US industry continued to make gains in Asian markets where supplies of European pork are much tighter than a year ago.


On the beef front, May witnessed a 14% decline in export volume compared to the record highs of the previous year. However, there was a 4% increase from April figures. Halstrom acknowledged the challenges facing US beef exports in 2023, citing both supply and demand constraints, especially when compared to the exceptional totals achieved in the preceding year.


Despite overall declining trends in beef exports to various markets in May 2023 compared to 2022, Mexico stood out as an exception. Beef exports to Mexico experienced a 9% increase, amounting to a total value of US$94.2 million.


-      US Meat Export Federation

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