December 7, 2021


26% drop in EU pork exports in September


EU pork exports in September decreased by 26% compared to the same month of the previous year and by 9.4% compared to August.


Although EU pork exports during the first nine months of this year are at values 2.5% above those recorded for the same period last year (4,702,976 tonnes versus 4,587,486 tonnes), exports in September were 26.25% lower than in September 2020.


This significant decrease in total exports in September is explained by the drop in exports to China and the United Kingdom, the first and second leading destinations, with decreases of 47% and 82%, respectively, compared to the same month of the previous year, which were partially offset by increases of 31%, 95% and 102% in exports to Japan, the Philippines and South Korea, the third, fourth and fifth most important destinations.


During the first nine months, EU exports to China fell by 10%. Exports to the UK have also fallen by 16% so far this year while, by contrast, exports to the Philippines have doubled from 104,768 tonnes in January-September 2020 to 175,786 tonnes this year.


Exports to South Korea have also increased by 18% so far this year.


- Pig333

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