December 7, 2020


WEDA to present innovative solutions for pig farming at virtual edition of EuroTier 2021



Pig husbandry specialist WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp will take part in the virtual edition of EuroTier 2021 on February 9-12 next year.


During the event, the company's virtual stand will offer visitors the opportunity to update themselves with WEDA's recent developments. It will showcase its innovative farrowing pens along with other applications including Opti. Station. The new application offers a flexible electronic sow feeding (ESF) system which can be individually adapted to respective animal groups.


"The Opti. Station works hand in hand with the control system. More features, such as heat detection, can be added optionally at any time," WEDA explained.


"The simplicity of the station is impressive. The sow enters the station, the gate closes and the central control system uses the ear tag to detect which sow is being fed on demand and, for example, how much feed can be fed via the Opti.Mum dry feeder."


"Today more than ever, the health and performance of the animals are the basis for economically successful pig husbandry," WEDA said.


"WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp have (responded) to this and are now offering completely new, closed pen modules made of plastic. In contrast to conventional boards, the individual elements are hermetically sealed and (will not) enclose any bacteria or other sources of infection."



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