December 7, 2007


Japan fish imports dive to lowest volume in 10 years



Japan's seafood imports in October totaled 251,630 tonnes, a drop of 13.5 percent from last year, and the lowest in 10 years.


The Finance Ministry's preliminary trade figures compiled by the Japan Fishery Product Trade Association showed that Japanese seafood imports continue to be sluggish in October, staying at two thirds of 2002.


In terms of value, imports were JPY142,265.59 million (US$1.2 billion), down 6.9 percent.


Cumulative imports in the January-October period came to 2,393,429 tonnes, down 7.8 percent from a year ago, or worth JPY1,340,508.54 million (US$12 billion), down 2.9 percent.


This represented a decrease of 125,000 tonnes from October 2002, when imports reached 376,796 tonnes.


Imports of shrimp in October were only 23,119 tonnes, down 2.2 percent. Crab plunged 21.6 percent to 6,643 tonnes, mainly due to decreased shipments of snow and king crab from Russia.