December 6, 2017


AB Vista rises to number two in phytase sector


Positive sales growth has seen AB Vista move to number two in phytase worldwide over the past year.

Managing Director Richard Cooper says that the success comes from being customer-focused: "We've focused on sharing scientific advancements within the field of nutrition and technology in order to help our customers stay ahead."

The company hosted last year's International Phytate Summit in Florida, showcasing the multi-factorial impact of phytate on animal production.

Mr. Cooper spoke about the practical insights from the summit: "It's now even clearer that we should be measuring phytate levels in diets in order to get a better picture of the anti-nutritional factors present. We've been working with our customers on raw material and complete feed analysis and product application to unlock as much nutritional and economic value as possible from feed."

The approach has seen AB Vista consolidate its position as the leader in targeted segments.

"We've seen the average dose per tonne of Quantum Blue phytase increasing markedly, as customers are taking advantage of the extra-phosphoric effects on nutrient digestibility and animal performance," explained Mr. Cooper.

While AB Vista has traditionally focused on the swine and poultry sectors, over the past year it has also made positive gains in both the ruminant and aquaculture sectors.

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