December 6, 2013


Chile sets additional labelling requirement for imported meat products



In response to meat labelling, Chile has stipulated additional requirement for eligible poultry, pork and beef products in the country.


For poultry products, fully cooked poultry products, canned poultry products, and raw frozen or chilled poultry meat are eligible for export to Chile, except products indicated in the Ineligible section.


Pork and pork products are also eligible products. Beef which has been USDA AMS graded and beef by-products with the exception of items listed in the Ineligible products below. Ground beef and trimmings are eligible. The following beef by-products are considered eligible: Kidneys, heart, liver, intestines, stomachs, beef cheek meat (masseter muscle), tongue, thymus (sweetbreads), and brains. Protein-free fats originating from beef are also eligible as well as processed (raw, dried, fermented/acidified, cooked) beef and pork products.


The protective covering of the individual beef cuts inside the box must have the following labelling information such as name of the customer, establishment number, name, and address where the product was packed, the day, month, and year of slaughter or packing, and product certified for export on or after February 1, 2012, must include USDA quality grade designation (the protective covering in which the cuts are placed must have the grade or grade shield on it).


Ground beef, offal, and trimmings are exempt from individual package labelling requirements.


Chile requires that all packaged food ready for delivery to the final consumer must include in its labelling the nutritional information required on Title II, Article 115of Chile's Food Law. Exporters should consult with their importer to determine the conditions for such exports.

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