December 6, 2012


Ukraine's UkrLandFarming aims to supply over 50,000 tonnes corn to China



Ukraine's UkrLandFarming (ULF) expects to supply 50,000-100,000 tonnes of corn to China until the year end.


Company CEO Oleh Bakhmatiuk told the UKRINFORM's own correspondent in China about his plans. The UkrLandFarming participates in the Fourth Overseas Investment Fair COIFAIR 2012 held in Beijing, as well as holds negotiations with a number of banking and industrial structures.


"Until the year end, we are planning to supply about 50,000-100,000 tonnes of corn to China, if we come to an agreement with partners on a price and other terms. In any case, we count to supply at least one ship; it is not a problem for us to ship 30,000-50,000 tonnes to China," Bakhmatiuk has said.


According to the ULF head, currently, his company holds intensive negotiations with counteragents in China and hopes to reach a result in the nearest days. "We have possibility to slightly bargain. Every party wants to bargain maximum advantageous terms for itself," Bakhmatiuk said, not ruling out that agreements may be reached even until the end of this week.


He also noted that the ULF has eight counteragents at the minimum, with which it holds active negotiations, at the same time, the company COFCO CO. Ltd., which actually determines the agrarian policy in China and has 90% of all quotas for grain import will be "the main buyer on grain supply contracts." At the COIFAIR 2012, the UkrLandFarming has already signed a Memorandum of intentions with this Chinese company. The document should come to the China Ministry of Agriculture in the nearest future.

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