December 6, 2004



China's Zhejiang Province Hit by US Shrimp Duty Decision


The southeastern Chinese province of Zhejiang has suffered severe losses from US anti-dumping tariffs on shrimps. It has had to turn to other regions as an outlet for its exports.


Customs' statistics show a 90% fall in Zhejiang's shrimp exports to the US since a preliminary decision was made to impose anti-dumping duties on the product in April. In August, Zhejiang's shrimp exports to the US had dropped to zero.


Since other countries such as Brazil, Thailand, India and Vietnam are also on the anti-dumping list, competition in other major shrimp consuming markets has become even fiercer. Zhejiang's shrimp exports to Japan and South Korea also declined by more than 10% and 30% respectively in the last three months.


Zhejiang's shrimp industry is estimated to have suffered a loss of more than US$30 million so far.


The province is currently turning to other market outlets for its shrimp exports.


"Through some influential domestic companies, we will seek new export markets in East Europe, Latin America and Africa," according to Ye Hongda, a local official in charge of the aquatic industry


And now, four months after the US anti-dumping decision, Zhejiang's shrimp exports to Canada and Indonesia have nearly doubled.

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