December 6, 2004



EU-25 2004-05 Soft Wheat Output At 124 Million Tons, Up 21%


The European Union is forecast to produce 124.504 million metric tons of soft wheat from the 2004 harvest, up 21.4% on the year, the E.U.'s organization of grain traders, the Comite du Commerce des Cereales or Coceral, said Friday.


This is up from Coceral's previous estimate Sept. 24 of 123.952 million tons.


Of the major E.U. wheat producers, Coceral set soft heat production in France at 37.593 million tons, up 22.4% on the year; German production at 25.345 million tons, up 23.9%; U.K. output at 15.601 million tons, up 8.5%; Danish production at 4.788 million tons, up 2.8%; Spanish output at 4.432 million tons, up 7.6%; and Italian output at 2.940 million tons, up 25.3% on the year.


Polish wheat output is expected to total 9.5 million tons, up from 7.856 million tons, Hungarian wheat production at 5.929 million tons, up from 2.897 million tons and Czech output at 5.126 million tons, up from 2.637 million tons.


For the total E.U.-25 soft wheat production figure, Coceral used a planted area of 19.451 million hectares, up 6.3% on the year, and an average yield of 6.4 tons/ha.


E.U. barley output in 2004 is seen at 61.768 million tons, up 12.9% on the year and up from Coceral's September estimate of 61.122 million tons.


For the total E.U. barley production figure, Coceral used a planted area of 13.180 million ha, down 1.8% on the year, at an average yield of 4.69 tons/ha.


Of the major E.U. producers and consumers of barley, French output is seen at 10.944 million tons, up 10.3% on the year; German output at 12.963 million tons, up 19.3% on the year; U.K. production at 5.938 million tons, down 6.8%; Spanish output at 10.582 million tons, up 21.8%; and Danish output at 3.634 million tons, down 3.8% on the year.


Meantime, Polish barley output is estimated at 3.500 million tons, up 19.1% on the year.


E.U.-25 corn output for 2004 is seen at 52.229 million tons, up 25.5% on the year, with the area pegged at 6.475 million ha and an average yield of 8.07 tons/ha expected.


French corn output in 2004 is seen at 15.571 million tons, up 23.6% on the year; German output is seen at 3.981 million tons, up 15.9%; and Spanish output is seen at 4.567 million tons, up 5.1% on the year, Coceral said.


Coceral also pegged E.U.-25 2004 durum wheat output at 11.428 million tons, up 27.5% on the year, rye production at 9.834 million tons, up 29.9% on the year, and oats output at 8.821 million tons, up 3% on the 2003 harvest.


Total E.U. cereals output in 2004 is seen at 283.688 million tons, up 20% from output in 2003, Coceral said. This is an increase of 1.642 million tons from Coceral's September forecast.


Coceral is the officially recognized representative of E.U. trade in cereals, feedstuffs, oilseeds, olive oil, oils and fats and agrosupply.

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