December 5, 2022


Skretting Vietnam inaugurates Lotus II fish feed factory




Skretting's second aquafeed factory in Vietnam opened in Long An Province on November 18, Skretting announced.


The investment aims to promote sustainable growth, and better serve and bring mutual benefits to customers in the region.


Long An Province was strategically chosen due to its convenient proximity to the Mekong Delta, which is regarded as the cradle of Vietnam's seafood industry. The facility is also a key element of Skretting's strategy to develop further in Asia.


Supported by its two factories in Long An Province, Skretting Vietnam specialises in the production of high-quality feeds for the domestic market as well as for many major aquaculture operations across South Asia.


The new factory is Vietnam's most modern fish feed factory to date. With a total investment of $24 million, the factory boasts two modern production lines with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes. It is equipped with a highly automated management system and features two separate production lines that can manufacture different products without the risk of cross-contamination.


Additionally, an ultra-fine grinding system increases the nutritional uniformity of each pellet, which in turn improves the ability of fish to absorb nutrients. This capacity also enables the factory to produce special products in micro- and small sizes.


Lotus II also becomes the only fish feed factory in Vietnam equipped with advanced plasma technology for odour treatment. This system, which was manufactured in Canada, uses plasma jets to break down odour-producing molecules in the exhaust gas streams of manufacturing processes.


Consequently, the factory's surrounding area is completely free of any unpleasant odours. This system which has been used in Skretting's factories in Norway, achieves an odour treatment efficiency of 90-95% without the use of water or chemicals. The technology not only delivers high efficiency but also saves raw materials and resources. The factory is also equipped with fully electric, emission-free forklift vehicles in line with our sustainability principles.


Nutreco Asia's managing director, Jurriën Zandbergen, believes the new state-of-the-art fish feed facility will accelerate Skretting Vietnam's contribution to the country's sustainable development of aquaculture.


"We will be able to provide a wide range of feed solutions at consistent high-quality,"  Zandbergen said. Combined with our specialty solutions, like life start formulations, precision nutrition and technical farm management advice, we can improve farm performance for our customers and strengthen aquaculture ecosystems in Vietnam.''


The importance of Vietnamese aquaculture and the new facility were also recognised by Skretting's innovation director, Alex Obach, who informed the inauguration ceremony that the global production of aquatic animals has already passed 88 million tonnes, and is expected to grow by another 20% in the next decade, which presents a significant opportunity for the country. 


"Vietnam is already one of the top five seafood producing nations in the world," Zandbergen added. "Our new state-of-the-art factory will produce innovative feed products, which when combined with our latest feeding models, farming technologies and water management solutions, will help Vietnamese farmers increase their productivity – through better growth, better feed conversion and higher survival rates. I am also convinced that through further innovation and technological development, we can together overcome other challenges faced by the industry."


- Skretting

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