December 5, 2018

Neovia acquires third largest premix company in Colombia


Neovia has become the majority shareholder of Biomix, the third largest player in Colombia's premix market.


The company's acquisition allows it to strengthen its positions on the global premix market and gain a significant market position in Latin America's fourth-largest economy.


Neovia believes in the growth potential of the Colombian premix market and will progressively deploy its international brand of premix and services, Wisium, complementing Biomix's current offering, the company said.


Founded in 1999, Biomix is mainly active in poultry. The company also offers solutions for other species, such as swine and ruminants. It has a FAMI-QS certified 2,500 m2 factory and a storage space, and employs nearly 80 people near Medellin, Colombia's second largest city, which is located 400km from the capital Bogota.


Biomix has a portfolio of recognised brands, such as Toxibond and Biocalcio, and offers reference solutions against mycotoxins, as well as mineral supplements.


With a population of 49 million and a steady growth over the past fifteen years, Colombia is positioning itself as a high-potential market. In 2017, GDP growth stood at 2.2% according to the IMF, placing it among the largest regional economies, behind Peru.


Increasing standard of living combined with the country's political stability make Colombia a promising market. As such, the country is currently the fourth largest livestock feed market in Latin America, behind Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The country is also the third largest poultry producer in Latin America with 774 million broiler chickens in 2017 and a 9% production increase in recent years.


With close to 20 years of recognised expertise, Biomix has built-up a strong reputation with customers. The merger with Neovia will allow the company to expand its portfolio of products and solutions and gradually deploy Neovia's international premix and services brand, Wisium, which is already present in over fifty countries, including several major Latin American countries, like Mexico and Brazil.


"...we are delighted with the Biomix-Neovia merger and, in particular, the growth potential this represents for our future products and solutions. This is a great opportunity for all Biomix employees who will benefit from Neovia's global innovation centre, know-how, and expertise,"  Carlos Saa, CEO of Biomix, said.

"...the acquisition of Biomix materialises our desire to accelerate our development on high-growth potential markets and strengthens the historic global expertise of our premix and services  business," said Eric de Seguins Pazzis, Neovia's chief marketing and business development officer.


"The synergies identified in species expertise and innovation will enable us to develop new products and innovative solutions adapted to the needs of Colombian livestock farmers and boost export to neighbouring countries, such as Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. This major acquisition reinforces our leading premix and services positions in Latin America (Mexico and Brazil) and reflects our belief in the growth potential of the Colombian market."


- Neovia