December 5, 2008

Norway's seafood exports reach NOK4.3 billion

Norway's seafood exports reached NOK4.3 billion in November, up by NOK174 million a year ago, according to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC) and Statistics Norway.

Demand for Norwegian seafood products has remained good on many important markets despite the current financial crisis, said Egil Ove Sundheim at NSEC.


Salmon and trout exports reached record high in November. Salmon exports rose by NOK41 million to NOK1.8 billion, while trout shipments jumped 77 percent to NOK204 million.


Poland's market registered the highest growth of 11 percent, though France remained as the largest market for Norwegian salmon. For Norwegian trout, Russia was the key importer, while Japan marked the largest growth at NOK29 million.


Mackerel exports climbed 17 percent to NOK649 million, with China and Japan as the largest buyers in November.


Herring exports increased 7 percent to NOK633 million in November, with the Nigerian market growing from NOK3 million to NOK159 million.


In contrast, dried and salted cod exports fell by NOK100 million to NOK272 million in November, with Portugal and Brazil as the largest importers.


For the first 11 months of 2008, Norway's seafood exports rose to NOK35.4 billion, up by NOK1.9 billion from the previous year.


US$1 = NOK7.1495 (Dec 5)

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