December 4, 2020


Cobb Champion Awards go to Shandong Fengxiang and Tyson Foods China



Shandong Fengxiang is the winner of the Single Flock Award in the 2020 Cobb Champion Awards, Cobb announced.


After winning in 2019, the company produced the most chicks/hens housed at 65 weeks to earn the award again in 2020. Additionally, Tyson Foods China is the winner of the Company Average Award by achieving the highest performance average of chicks/hens housed in 2020.


"It is an absolute pleasure to see Shandong Fengxiang and Tyson Foods China win these awards," said Dr. Orlando Fernandez, managing director of Cobb Asia. "Both of these excellent companies have great teams that are dedicated to the fine details of flock management. To achieve higher and better performance each year while winning the Cobb Champion Awards is the testament of the consistency of their on-farm management and we are truly glad to have them as partners."


The Cobb Champion awards recognise the top-performing facilities in Asia. Each year, Cobb Asia collects breeder performance data to benchmark customer results.


Wang Jinsheng, general manager of Shandong Fengxiang, said: "We are thankful to the Cobb Asia team for their continuous support over the years. We would not be able to achieve such high-level performance without their dedication. We look forward to continuing to move the bar higher for the years to come."


Dylan Wang, deputy general manager of Tyson Nantong Complex, said: "Cobb has been a responsible supplier that provides us with high quality products and first-class technical services. The possibilities of the Cobb flock is much higher than most people realise and we are just beginning to tap into that potential."


- Cobb

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