December 4, 2014

John Gullord (left), Nortura technical manager, in front of a newly installed Petersime BioStreamer™ setter. Right, Espen Sorlie, commercial hatcheries manager.

Nortura extends hatchery with Petersime BioStreamer™ incubators


Nortura Samvirkekylling, part of Norwegia's leading egg and meat supplier Nortura S.A., is extending one of its two commercial hatcheries with an additional setting capacity of 22.5 million eggs.


After the extension, the hatchery's total production capacity will reach 66 million day-old chicks. This will be achieved with Petersime BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers, which have all been equipped with the latest Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies.


When selecting the equipment, the choice for BioStreamer™ incubators was made very quickly. "BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers provide the best hatchability rates available in the market today," explains Espen Sørlie, commercial hatcheries manager at Nortura Samvirkekylling. "In addition, we can always count on Petersime's service team for any questions or problems."


The investment will amount to EUR9.4 million (US$11.5 million), and was necessary to meet the growing market demand. Projected end date is the summer of 2015.


Nortura Samvirkekylling also owns a parent stock hatchery with a yearly capacity of 700,000 Ross 308 eggs.