December 4, 2008

Brazil's poultry producers urged to cut output to sustain prices


Brazil's poultry industry has been urged to cut production to adjust supply to declining global consumption, according to the Brazilian Chicken Exporters Association (ABEF).


Demand has dropped due to the current economic crisis, which sees consumer belts tightening. Exports totalled 220,000 tonnes in November, down nearly 27 percent on-year, said ABEF.


The Brazilian Poultry Union (UBA) recommends producers to reduce their production of day-old chicks to 400 million per month from the previous 485 million per month. That will produce fewer chickens for slaughter and avoid a surplus.


Brazil exports more than 30 percent of its chicken meat production, said UBA president Ariel Antonio Mendes.


Falling exports at the end of the year are also seen to benefit the domestic market as more local supplies will be available.

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