December 4, 2006


Brazil's chicken, beef exports rise in November



Brazil's chicken and beef exports rose in November in comparison to October, the Trade Ministry said Friday (Dec 1).


Chicken exports rose to 268,400 tonnes compared with 242,700 tonnes in October and 200,200 tonnes exported in November 2005. Brazil's chicken exports have been volatile all year because of consumption declines in Brazil's main chicken export markets due to bird flu fears.


Chicken prices continue to fall, however, even as volume rises. Average prices paid for a tonne of Brazilian chicken were US$1,129 compared to US$1,164 in October and US$1,363 in November 2006.


As for beef, export volume rose to 121,600 tonnes in November compared with 111,700 in October and just 70,900 tonnes last November 2005. November 2005 exports dropped drastically because of a discovery of

 foot-and-mouth disease at ranches in Mato Grosso do Sul and Parana states in October 2005.


International prices for Brazilian beef declined to US$2,752 per tonne in November compared to US$2,862 per tonne in October. Prices for Brazilian beef continue to rise on the year, however. Brazil beef sold for an average of US$2,408 per tonne in November 2005.


Chicken is Brazil's top meat export, followed by beef. Brazil is the world's leading chicken and beef exporter.


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