December 3, 2019


USMEF welcomes European Parliament's approval of US-EU beef access agreement



On November 28, the European Parliament voted to approve a plan granting the United States a country-specific share of the European Union's duty-free high-quality beef quota.


The agreement was signed and announced in August.


US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) president and CEO Dan Halstrom welcomed the development, commenting that the approval would keep the agreement "no track for implementation in early 2020, which is outstanding news for the US beef industry and our customers in Europe."


Halstorm added: "Lack of capacity in the duty-free quota has been a source of frustration on both sides of the Atlantic, and a US-specific share of the quota will help ensure that US beef can enter the European market 52 weeks per year, without delay or interruption."


According to Halstorm, the EU "is one of the highest value destinations in the world for US beef." A consistent access to the market is a benefit for both side of the Atlantic: "US producers and exporters, but also European importers and their clientele," he highlighted



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