December 3, 2015


Phosphagenics' animal health business initiates second pig study 




Australian biotechnology company, Phosphagenics Limited, has announced the initiation of a second swine study in its Animal Health and Nutrition feed efficiency programme. 


The study follows a recent completed weaner (young) pig study which is expected to report its results later this month. It focuses on older pigs and will conclude Phosphagenics' initial pig programme.


"While the first weaner study primarily targeted feed efficiency, this subsequent grower / finisher pig study will assess both meat quality and feed efficiency parameters", said Dr Roksan Libinaki, the general manager of Animal Health & Nutrition business at Phosphagenics. 


"To assess TPM's commercial value as a feed additive, we also need data on a number of other key variables such as inclusion rate and the size and consistency of response," Dr Libinaki added. "The outcomes of these studies have been designed to be both commercially relevant and provide the necessary information required for prospective commercial partners to assess the value of TPM® across the production lifespan of pigs."


"This is proving to be a very productive quarter for our Animal Health & Nutrition business with a second pig trial now underway, and progress towards headline results for the first trial on track for delivery in the near future," said Dr Ross Murdoch, Phosphagenics' CEO and managing director. "Assuming positive results across the Pig Program, planning is already underway to expand our animal trials into other species".


Headline results for the grower / finisher pig study is expected to be available in second quarter of 2016.

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