December 3, 2007


Positive reviews for corn gluten feed trials in Indonesia



Trials for corn gluten feed (CGF) showcased to regional feed mills and in Indonesian dairy farms got positive evaluations, according to the US Grains Council.


USGC representative Dr Budi Tangendjaja said that dairies in the East Java region of Indonesia are less developed than poultry operations, and its recent increases in milk prices that have motivated dairy farmers to improve productivity.


Two leading dairy farmers have completed feeding CGF to a total of 61 cattle heads that showed inclusion of CGF in feed concentrates has increased milk production.


Tangendjaja noted that farmers also noticed improved body score in cattle and shorting calving intervals as a result of the CGF.


Tangendjaja also visited the Charoen Pokphand and Wonokoyo Feed Mills to conduct technical servicing in the areas of sampling, quality control and feed production.


The discussion was considered useful in relaying the benefits of CGF to the feed mills, he said.


Tangendjaja feels there is an opportunity to introduce CGF to ruminant feed in Indonesia, and USGC should promote CGF as well as its technical services for dairy and beef cattle in Indonesia.


He recommended that "preferable method for improving and supporting the feed industry in the region would be either in-house presentations or one-on-one meetings with feed mills."

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