December 3, 2007


Canada pork producers angered by EU pork subsidies decision


The European Union will begin subsidizing shipments of fresh pig meat on Friday to help ease financial problems facing by EU exporters from soaring feed prices has angered and frustrated the Canadian Pork Council.


"The subsidization of pork by the EU will only depress pork values worldwide by a further amount," said CPC Executive Director Martin Rice.


Rice said the CPC will closely examine the EU subsidization program to see what action, if any, can be taken. A legal challenge under terms of the World Trade Organization could be one such action, he said.


"We are also certainly going to be urging the government of Canada to persuade the EU from using these subsidies," Rice said.


The EU was to begin export refunds for fresh and frozen pig meat on Friday. Refunds were seen at EUR31.1 per 100 kilograms for carcasses and cuts, and EUR19.4/100kg for bellies.


Rice said Canada's pork industry objects to the EU moving ahead with such a decision as pork producers worldwide are facing the same feed costs.


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