December 3, 2004



Indonesia Suspends Shrimp Imports from 6 Countries Hit by Anti-dumping Claims


The Maritime and Fisheries Ministry in Indonesia is banning shrimp imports from 6 countries accused of dumping by the United States. The ban will be effective as of December 2.


The six countries are Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Brazil and Ecuador.


The United States has accused Indonesia of importing shrimp from China and Thailand to be re-exported, and threatened to impose the anti-dumping duty on shrimp from the country.


According to Maritime and Fishery Minister Freddy Numberi, the ban is aimed at maintaining the country's good image in the international market.


A senior official of the ministry Sumpeno Putro said Indonesia could be punished on alleged circumvention, if it was found to have imported shrimp from any of the six countries to be re-exported to the United States.


The United States has claimed shrimp exports from Indonesia have increased significantly following the imposition of the restriction on the six major suppliers.

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