December 2, 2021


Cambodian government seeks World Bank help to improve meat and fish farming


The Cambodian government has asked the World Bank to help Cambodia improve its meat production and fish farming to ensure safe products for consumers, Khmer Times reported.


"The improvement of these products will help vulnerable low-income people living on the Social Land Concessions to improve their incomes," said Minister of Agriculture Veng Sakhon.

In response, World Bank country director Mariam Sherman thanked the minister and his team for raising the point, and gave her assurance that she would prepare a response to meet the needs of the Cambodian people in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sherman also highly valued the efforts made by the ministry to implement the World Bank projects of Land Allocation for Social and Economic Development, and in improving livelihoods and incomes through competitive and inclusive agriculture.

"The country director of the World Bank highly valued the progress made by the ministry in implementing various projects to improve livelihoods, incomes, and to boost agriculture in the country by taking into account competitiveness and inclusiveness," said the ministry in a statement.

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