December 1, 2020


New test developed for Johne's Disease in dairy cattle


The Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) and School of Biological Sciences at Queen's University Belfast has developed a new test for Johne's Disease (JD) in dairy cattle, which promises to be faster and more sensitive in detecting JD's infectious agent (MAP) among veterinary specimens, Postmedia News reported.


Most importantly, the newly developed test is able to detect live infectious agents compared to the current milk-ELISA test. Besides milk testing, the new test can be applied to blood or faeces from livestock too.


The new test, published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, was developed by Professor Irene Grant and her post-doctoral researcher Dr Antonio Foddai at IGFS. The next step for the new test will be the applied stage of the science with continued development and validation of their test for MAP infection at farm level.


The new test for Johne's Disease was developed as part of the Agri-Food Quest Competence Centre project. It is a collaboration between IGFS, AgriSearch, Biorex Food Diagnostics, and Dale Farm.


- Postmedia News