December 02, 2003



US Animal and Plant Health Inspection In Argentina To Inspect Sanitary Situation


A team from the U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, or Aphis, arrived in Argentina Monday to evaluate the country's sanitary situation, Argentina's health inspection authority Senasa said in a statement.


A team of five Aphis inspectors will visit Argentina's Patagonia region, which lies below the 42nd parallel. This area of Argentina has not been affected by any of the outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease that have appeared in Argentina in recent years.


The Aphis team will evaluate the idea of recognizing this region as free of foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination, according to Senasa.


The team will be accompanied by two inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, or CFIA. CFIA officials will also be considering the possibility of recognizing Patagonia as free of foot-and-mouth disease.


"Recognition of this zone of foot-and-mouth without vaccination will allow for the opening of the U.S. and Canadian markets to a wide range animal of products from this region, particularly beef and sheep products," Senasa said.


The Aphis and CFIA teams will be in Argentina until Dec. 5, Senasa said.

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