December 1, 2020


AquaChile CEO optimistic about Chile aquaculture's future



In face of the significant economic impact of COVID-19, the CEO of AquaChile,  Sady Delgado, stays firmly confident of the future of Chile's salmon farming industry.


Delgado told CNN Chile that he is "convinced that Chilean salmon farming is destined to lead production worldwide."


He added: "The best salmon in the world, in flavor, quality, presentation, in my point of view, is by far Chilean salmon. We've done blind testing in different parts in the world, in Asia, in Europe, in the US - like the Pepsi challenge - with different expert salmon consumers, and nine out of 10 times, they pick the national [Chilean] salmon… There is an intrinsic value in the genetics, in the heritage of farmed salmon in Chile that makes a difference and is noted in many areas.


"We are farmers of the sea, and thinking about the increase in the world population, which will reach nine billion in the coming years, and the solutions that can be given to feed all that amount of people is aquaculture. It will be part of the solution. We won't be able to feed nine billion people, in the same way that was done in the last 50 years."


Delgado supports the need for aquaculture to be conducted in a sustainable manner and revealed that his company is employing the most advanced techniques used in the aquaculture sector.


He also highlighted the "last 30 years" of learning "how to take care of the sea and how to make it sustainable for everyone who lives off of it, from industrial fishers to aquaculture, tourism and logistics."


He added that the Chilean aquaculture sector is now better regulated, helping its salmon industry to catch up with that of Norway.


- SeafoodSource

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