December 1, 2017


Cobb, Al Watania partner to support Egypt's market Needs




The close association between Cobb distributor Al Watania Poultry and Cobb Europe was marked by the keen support for the sixth jointly-organised breeder technical forum held at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, in October.


More than 60 participants from breeder, broiler and feed customers - together with four participants from Al Watania Poultry Saudi Arabia, 18 from the Al Watania Egypt and six from Cobb teams - took part in the three-day event at the Renaissance Hotel.


Abdallah Abu Haimed, Al Watania Egypt's CEO, said the association between Al Watania and Cobb goes back more than 20 years, which reflects the strong business partnership between the two companies in fulfilling the market needs with balanced genetics producing healthy, affordable chicken protein.


Hosam Amro, Cobb's senior manager of technical service, spoke about the continuing genetic advances in the Cobb500 particularly in feed conversion and daily weight gain, thus helping customers to achieve the target weight ahead of any disease challenge.


This overall feed efficiency and weight for age makes the breed extremely competitive, he said, contributing to its popularity in this market, where Cobb has a large share of the ten million parent stock sold per year.


"We share the same vision in providing specialist technical support for our integrated customers as well as the marketing experience to serve the industry generally," Amro commented on the long-standing partnership between Cobb and Al Watania in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


The technical sessions included hatchery, breeder and broiler topics such as aspects of management, nutrition, health and ventilation, with three hours devoted to eight different case studies.