December 1, 2010


French pork producers may go bust by 2011



Approximately a third of the pork producers in Brittany, France, will quit their businesses before summer 2011.


About 5% of 6,000 pork producers in the region in the East of France may be shutting shops before the end of this year. These alarming signals were sent out by the regional department of the French agricultural organisation FRSEA (Fédération régionale des syndicats d'exploitants agricoles).


Brittany is the biggest pig producing area of France. In 2009, 8.35 million out of a total of 14.8 million pigs were produced here. According to the FRSEA, the pig sector is in its largest crisis in three years, leading to the negative options.


Chairman, François Valy, of the Brittany FRSEA pig production sector, said that, "Pork producers have gone very low with their prices but now the end of resistance has reached. The current price for pigs only allows paying for feed and there is no money left for other costs and labour. A lot of producers have already been putting a lot of strain on their financial backups for quite some time."

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