December 1, 2003



Situational Analysis of Egg Production in China During 3rd Quarter, 2003


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In the first eight months of this year, China exported 816 million fresh eggs, registering an increase of 30.61% versus the same period last year; the export value amounted to US$ 16.29 million, which was an increase of 18.37% over the same period last year.


The increase in exports of fresh eggs was due to the significant rise in exports to Hong Kong, Macau and Oman, registering an increase of 29.7%, 37.4% and 54.92% respectively. The three countries imported a total of 814 million of fresh eggs, constituting 99.7% of China's total export; the export value amounted to US$ 16.19 million, constituting 99.42% of the total export value.    


Export value of fresh eggs through normal trade channels totaled US$ 15.81 million, making up 97.1% of the total export, showing an increase of 16.17%.


China's main exporting provinces of fresh eggs are Guangdong, Shandong, Hubei and Hunan, with total export value totaling US$ 15.95 million, making up 97.98% of the total export. Compared to the total export last year, the rise in Guangdong and Shandong was relatively greater than Hunan and Hubei. The export value of Guangdong amounted to US$ 8.65 million, registering an increase of 97.24%.


More contents in this 5-page report include:


I. China's Export of Egg Products Continue to Rise

  1. Exports of Fresh Eggs Increased

  2. Increase in Export of Processed Eggs (included preserved eggs, salted eggs etc) 

II. Increase in Prices of Egg

  1. Egg prices in China

  2. Egg Prices in International Market:
      • Egg Prices in the US Continue to Rise During the Third Quarter

      • Egg Prices in Canada Rose Marginally During the Third Quarter  

III. Prices of Day-Old-Chick (Layer) Began to Rise in August, 2003


IV. No Big Fluctuation in Prices of Complete Feed for Layer in Third Quarter, 2003

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