Adisseo has made much headway in the management of mycotoxin risks following its acquisition and full integration of Nutriad in 2020; as a testament to this milestone, the company held the Advancia Academy at the Millenium Hilton in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 15-16.

The event was jointly organised with Next-Tech Feed, an Adisseo distributor in Thailand.

"Mycotoxin management is not a betting game," the Advancia Academy's tagline stated. According to Adisseo, the choice of a proper mycotoxin binder or deactivator, sampling procedures, the proof of the efficacy of products and the acceptable limit of contamination (at the reception of raw materials) are still open and unanswered questions within the feed industry.

With this event, it hopes to address these issues, and aims to help customers to maximise investments in face of mycotoxin contamination.

In the interest of this agenda, selected speakers were at the event to share scientific updates, and challenges and opportunities in the livestock and feed industries. These speakers were:

    - Dr. Chaiyapoom Bunchasak and Dr. Kanokporn Poungpong, from the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture at Thailand's Kasetsart University, talked about mycotoxin contamination in Thailand and provided management approach updates;

    - Adrien Rivayrand, global category manager for feed integrity at Adisseo, presented future trends of mycotoxins and deactivation methods;

    - Damien Preveraud, global scientific manager for feed integrity at Adisseo, shared scientific updates about the company's mycotoxin risk management;

    - Dr. Amnart Poapolathep, from the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Kasetsart University, revealed the persistence and occurrence of multi-mycotoxins in selected food products;

    - Dr. Ricardo Communod, regional category manager for feed integrity and marketing manager at Adisseo, presented the company's mycotoxin risk management strategy and the way of thriving in the event of mycotoxin contamination;

    - Dr. Gunther Antonissen, from the Department of Pathobiology, Pharmacology and Zoological Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Belgium's University of Ghent, presented about mycotoxin levels in poultry and swine.

On the first day, an extensive workshop explored key challenges and missed opportunities that attendees are currently facing as mycotoxins are taken into consideration.

On the second day, presentations sought to answer burning questions and help attendees consider a different approach to managing mycotoxins.

Attendees also participated in a practical workshop involving the analysis of the mycotoxins in corn through Adisseo's Vertu Vicam mycotoxin lateral flow reader which is used to analyse mycotoxins in raw materials. During this segment, they were split into multiple groups and worked to solve different case studies based on set objectives.

Additionally, Adisseo showcased its products and services at the Advancia Academy, including Unike Plus, Toxy-nil Plus and Toxy-nil, solutions from Adisseo's mycotoxin management range; the Mycoman App, a digital tool to provide multiple information and services to Adisseo customers; Mycoman Predict, which provides predictions on the pre-harvest grain quality of corn and wheat in certain countries in Europe; the Mycoman Harvest Bulletin, an assessment of overall crop conditions and grain quality of maize and wheat; the Mycoman Test, an accredited laboratory service to examine finished feeds and raw materials; and the Mycoman mobile app, which provides practical management for complete mycotoxin hazard assessment in real-time.

These products are noted for their demonstrated efficacy and guaranteed return on investment for users.

Through the Advancia Academy, attendees can be made aware of the cooperation between Adisseo and Next-Tech Feed to manage mycotoxin risk in the poultry and swine industries, Adisseo said. They could also better understand the tools and services offered by the company to cope with challenges arising from mycotoxin contamination.

Furthermore, the Advancia Academy can equip attendees to make faster and more effective decisions that can lead to cost savings without compromising the safety and health of animals.

Notably, the event highlighted the existing gap between regulations on mycotoxin limits in raw materials and the safety level of mycotoxins in animals.

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