November 30, 2020


Mowi joins Norwegian Seafood Federation



Mowi has announced that it will join the Norwegian Seafood Federation, Sjømat Norge.


"I believe this will strengthen both Mowi and the industry as a whole. We have had good discussions with Sjømat Norge regarding the way forward for our industry and I am confident that this is the right decision for Mowi," said Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim.


Geir Ove Ystmark, CEO of Sjømat Norge, is pleased that Mowi is now a member of the association.


"It strengthens Sjømat Norge tremendously that the largest company within the sector now joins us. In recent years, we have collaborated well with Mowi and Norsk Industri, and it is a pleasure to welcome Mowi as a member," said Ystmark.


For the past four years, Mowi has been a member of Norsk Industri. Vindheim praised the organisation and highlighted Norsk Industri's work to avoid the introduction of a new taxation on the Norwegian aquaculture industry.


He is now looking forward to working with Sjømat Norge on matters such as sustainability, biosecurity and fish welfare.


"The greatest challenges for the industry are issues we all have in common. We look forward to working with the other members of Sjømat Norge to address local and national issues," said Vindheim.


- Mowi