November 30, 2004



Iraq Grain Board Buys 50,000 Tons US Hard Wheat


Iraq has bought 50,000 metric tons of U.S. hard milling wheat at $235 a metric ton cost and freight for December delivery, the head of Iraq's Grain Board Khalil Assi said Monday.


Assi said the purchase would be increased to 150,000 tons if the quality of the wheat supplied proved to be good and the contracted quantity reached Iraq within the time agreed.


Assi said the grain board was still assessing bids submitted to supply 100,000-150,000 tons of U.S. wheat, which the board announced in a Nov. 17 tender.


He didn't say when the results of the wheat tender would be announced.


Last month Iraq bought 1 million tons of new crop hard milling wheat from the Australian exporter AWB Ltd. (AWB) for delivery over the next six months.