November 30, 2004



New Feed Additive Developed in Japan to Prevent White Spot Syndrome Virus on Shrimp


An eFeedLink Exclusive Report 

Japan's Kyushu Medical Co., Ltd has succeeded in developing a new feed additive called "ShripmGuard" used in shrimp feed production to prevent white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) on shrimp.


"ShrimpGuard" has been used in shrimp culture farms in Japan and Southeast Asia with effective results seen. 


ShrimpGuard is made from the bacterium belonging to Pseudoalteromonas, which naturally live in the sea. The production process employed is Kyushu Medical's unique technology extract only the necessary ingredients to be sterilized. Thus, it does not produce any residue that is harmful to the peripheral ecosystem.


The cultivation fluid of the bacterium is dried into powder, which is the key ingredient of ShrimpGuard. The composition of the product is 13.9% of Crude protein, 1.7% Crude fat, 41.2% Crude ash, 15.6% Sodium, 0.3% Phosphorus and 0.1% Calcium.

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