November 29, 2022


Less grains used for feed in Germany in 2021/22 marketing year




20.9 million tonnes of grains were used for animal feed in Germany in the 2021/22 marketing year, around 16% less.


This amount included 6.6 million tonnes of wheat and 5.1 million tonnes of barley and corn.


According to preliminary data from the Federal Information Center for Agriculture (BZL), domestic grain consumption fell by almost four million tonnes and was around 39 million tonnes in the 2021/22 marketing year. Approximately, 54% of the grain was used for animal feed, 4.6% less compared to the previous year.


The reduced use of grains for animal feed is due to, among other things, the decrease in compound feed production in 2021/22.


Pig feed production has decreased due to the reduction in Germany's pig herd. Another reason for the decline is the increased cost of feed components. The decrease in the use of barley for animal feed is particularly evident, with 24% drop in 2021/22.

- BLE (Germany)

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